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Many years of clinical research have shown that this first cervical vertebra is more or less malrotated from birth, in almost all humans. Trauma such as whiplash, slips and falls, car accidents, or any sports/work injuries can push the atlas in an even worse position and, therefore, be the cause of many health problems.

The atlas, (C1), the first cervical vertebrae connects the skull and the spine. It not only carries the skull but is also responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management for the spine and skeleton. The atlas is involved in more than 50% of the rotation of the cervical spine. It has 12 muscles attached with numerous nerves involved. When the atlas is misaligned, it causes the head to tilt, and the spine compensates the malrotation of the atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint, trying to maintain the center of gravity. This will cause neck pain and lower back pain and impacts the entire spine. The malrotation of the atlas could also have a negative impact on muscles, joints, nerves, eyes, ears, jaw, circulatory system, organs of equilibrium and interior organs.

AtlasProFilax Alleviates:


Back/Neck Pain

Sciatica/Nerve Pain



Herniated/Bulging Disc


Chronic Pain
Muscle Spasms
Limited Range of Motion
Numbness/Tingling of Arms/Legs
Pain in Shoulder/Arm/Forearm
Pain in Sacrum
Pain in Coccyx (Tailbone)
Tinnitus (Ear Ringing)
Jaw Dysfunction (TMJ)
Poor Posture
Hyperkyphosis (Rounded Upper Back)
Functional Deviation of Spine (Scoliosis)
Functional Short Leg
Poor Balance
Sleeping Disorders
Depression (of Muscular Origin)
Concentration Problems
Learning Difficulties

What is AtlasPROfilax?

AtlasPROfilax®, a modern neuromuscular massage technique, applies vibro pressure and massages the short neck muscles, with significant and sustainable effect on the first cervical vertebra (atlas). It releases a pressure on the pyramidal tracts, relieves muscle tension and nerve compression and facilitates self-recovery of the spine system. By treatment with AtlasPROfilax, the body's homeostasis will be established and patients can easily control their body through flexible action of limbs in line with brain function.

And the most revolutionary about this technique: it’s a safe, instantly effective and is usually a one-time application!

How does your Atlas affects your posture?

Rene Schumperlii, the founder of the AtlasPROfilax method maintained that most humans have a malrotated atlas or more technically a minor intervertebral dysfunction (MID) of the atlas.
For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” (Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3). This study also showed that the AtlasPROfilax Method is effective for correcting this MID Minor Intervertebral Dysfunction.

It has been observed that following the AtlasPROfilax treatment postural changes occur immediately and furthermore changes continue to occur for at least a few years. This corrective movement begins to reverse the displacement of the center of gravity of the skull and spine. The spinal column tends to return to its natural axis, which allows discs to recover their natural elasticity coefficient.

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Meet The Practitioner

Paula Elrod has been practicing as a physical therapist for 30 years with all types of chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, and neurological conditions and diseases. She is one of only 14 Atlasprofs in the USA and is passionate about helping patients have “better quality of life”.  When not practicing you can find her spending time with her family and friends or researching the most recent innovative procedures to help patients have more sustainable outcomes.


30+ Years Experience


40,000+ Patients Successfully Treated

Specializing in Cervical Spine

Private Practice for over 25 Years



“I no longer have to live with chronic pain! I had lost all hope of having a good quality of life until I got this treatment. This miracle treatment has been a life saver for me. I have my life back!!”
Stephen Dodd
Physician Assistant

“I have no more headaches after receiving AtlasProfilax treatment. Most of all I have referred many of my patients with degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis and they have all shown great improvements as well!”
Jamie Calvin
Physician Assistant

“I've had the AtlasPROfilax procedure done, an alternative holistic approach I had not considered before for my transient lower back pain. It was so fast! I have noticed decreased lower back pain and improvement in my overall posture shortly after my procedure. I have recommended this to patients of mine who suffer from chronic pain, headaches, and seizures.”

What is the difference between AtlasPROfilax®
and other atlas treatments or therapies?

Since muscles and fascia play the major part in realigning the atlas, it’s logic that any therapy or method neglecting these impacts is not capable of either realigning the first cervical vertebra, nor doing so permanently.

AtlasPROfilax® is the original method to realign the atlas and correct its position in a sustainable way by means of a neuromuscular massage of the short neck muscles. No additional treatment of muscles before the treatment is required either.

It is indicated to apply it to children as early as possible to prevent problems and allow them to grow up healthy and develop in the most optimum way. Since the human body is able to heal itself thanks to the Atlasprofilax method this is used primarily as a preventative measure. Rene-Claudius Schumperli developed this method to get the atlas into a stable position, both gently and permanently.

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AtlasPROfilax® is a safe, effective, normally one-time application and does not pose any health risk, there are no contraindications.


AtlasPROfilax one time treatment price includes a free follow-up appointment.


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Other Services Provided

MYK System | 3D Maps (Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis & Performance System)

MYK System

This is a targeted treatment, meaning we stretch and stimulate the muscles along the affected nerve path, releasing contracted muscles and “resetting” the muscle memory. It normally takes 6-10 sessions to completely “reset” the muscle memory.
Difficulties with Range of Motion
Carpal tunnel, Tennis Elbow
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What makes the MYK System Work?

The MyoKinesthetic treatment is a soft-tissue treatment designed to treat the nervous system, working in conjunction with your soft tissue muscular system.

Cause and Compensation

If we had a fall or lifted something heavy incorrectly, something strange happened to our body. A muscle on the left went short, so a muscle on the right side of our body lengthened to compensate. These two muscles tell the brain where they are relative to the one constant we all share: Gravity.

The brain now tells other muscles where to go in relation to these muscles so we can stand as straight as possible ... with the most range of motion in each joint possible … with the least amount of pain.

Muscle Memory

With the MyoKinesthetic System, we are trying to find the cause and clear it so all the compensations will clear away, too. This is not Chiropractic. At no time do we manipulate or "pop" bones. Instead, we go to work on the muscles. We stimulate each muscle along one nerve pathway. Deep, light, with cross-friction, or something else, whatever way you want to generate the stimulation is fine. We can treat the origin, insertion, belly, or all three, all will work because we're looking for the nerve endings within the muscles to send a signal to the brain that say's "there's a change happening here. "The brain receives this information and makes changes to it. This means that by working on the “cause” pathway, the brain automatically fixes the “compensation” pathway. We’ve used “muscle memory” to our advantage: more balanced, greater range of motion and a decrease in pain that lasts.

MYK History

Myokinesthetics System was developed in the mid 1990’s by Dr. Michael Uriate D.C. to re-balance the nervous system, reboot the body and relieve the underlying cause of pain. 

Contact us today for a free consultation with our practitioner. It will be our pleasure to come up with an effective pain management plan.

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3D Maps (Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance Systems)

Think of 3DMAPS as a movement analysis, similar to getting an analysis of your blood work by a physician.

It will help us give you information on what movement patterns you are successful with or identify the ones you are showing as imbalanced or can improve upon.

3DMAPS leverages movements that are authentic to everyday life by utilizing all three planes of motion. This system allows us to examine, evaluate, and treat patients based on the philosophy that the influence of one part of the body effects another. Powered through the Gray Institute, no matter what your sport or activity is, 3D MAPS can help identify your unique movement profile and provide a robust performance system keeping you safe. Improve performance and function using 3D MAPS.
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